Tuesday Mar 3rd 2015

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Malik Yoba in Interview about Empire : ‘I know Jussie, He Is Gay’

Not only does Malik Yoba has consistently ashy lips, he also has a big mouth attached to them. In a recent interview, the veteran actor seemingly ‘outs’ his co-star Jussie Smollett. Yoba was talking about homosexuality in the series and in the black community with...

Clearly People Don’t Understand Genetics When It Comes to These Two Twin Sisters

Maria and Lucy are twin sisters from the UK. People all over the internet are losing their shit because “OMG, one is ‘white’ and one is black.” Once again, people on the internet have proven that they’re not that bright and know nothing about genetics....

Mother of Child in Mean Meme Speaks Out

Last month, Kyra Pringle posted a photo of her 2-year-old daughter Mariah on Facebook. Although Pringle was celebrating Mariah’s birthday with the photo, it quickly became a day that was filled with mean comments. Someone took it upon themselves to take the photo and make...

Tamir Rice Family Attorney Says It’s “Unbelievable” That The City Blames Tamir For His Own Death

Tamir Rice’s family attorney has put the City of Cleveland on blast for blaming Tamir for his own death. In November, 12-year-old Rice was gunned down by police officers on a playground, when they thought his toy gun was a real one. In the city’s...
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